A Reiki Master and Animal Communicator of 10 years, J.Morgan Saifer has spent the last decade studying and practicing Reiki and Reiki for Animals all over Western Canada and the Southwest US.

J. Morgan began her Animal Communication path in 2004 when she adopted her animal companion. The reception of her animal companion had such a profound effect on J. Morgan that she instantly knew that she was born to bridge the gap between animals and people. Seeking a means to actively train her intuitive gift, she became a Usui Reiki Master in 2007. After many years of travel, study and practicum, J. Morgan embarked on her journey with Shamanism through the Foundation for Shamanic studies in 2014.

Divinely inspired by her beloved cat Pink, J. Morgan decided to focus her life’s work on the healing and wellness of animals. Through this journey she came to understand that as equally important as it is to heal animals, so too is it to educate people on the well-being and proper nutrition of animals.

Gifted with the ability to channel messages from Spirit and animals to people, J. Morgan has committed her life to being of service to the Animal Kingdom both in the physical and spirit realms. Having worked directly with cats and dogs for over 13 years, J. Morgan has a significant history of animal care experience both in a hands-on setting as well as the metaphysical.

In early 2014, J Morgan initiated her business; Soulstice Spirit. She began this company in order to have a platform from which to speak her truth, and be a voice for animals. In addition to speaking publicly about animal consciousness and sentience, J Morgan also speaks about human mindfulness, kindness and karma. She currently speaks about and leads guided meditations on these topics in classes and workplaces.

J. Morgan Saifer actively practices and teaches Animal Communication, Reiki, Animal Reiki and intuition-based healing across North America.


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