ANIMAL COMMUNICATON-  Animal Communicators have the gift of hearing the thoughts and feeling the feelings of animals and being able to respond to them in kind. We recognize animals as equals to people. We stand for animal rights and equality.

Aside from terminal illness, the major reason for euthanasia among dogs and cats is due to misunderstood behaviour. Our role in saving the animal from being put down or rushed off to a vet is to be invited into the animal’s home and decipher what the animal is attempting to communicate by acting a certain way. Often their strange and frightening behaviour is due to previous trauma, current unidentified physical illness or a whole host of other household triggers. It is our job to commune with the animal and hear the information she or he wishes to get across to her or his people.  We are able to liaise between animals and their people, articulating the reasons for animal behaviour patterns, animal fear and animal discomfort. Of course we can also relay their messages of love and healing to their people!

Animals are our greatest friends, teachers and guardians. They come into our lives with love and blessings with a purpose. What if you could access the messages they wish to share? Do you want to know why they chose you? Would you like to know if they’re happy and feel healthy?

Please join J Morgan Saifer-Animal Communicator & Healer for her exciting series of Animal Communication workshops. J Morgan will introduce the concept and methodology behind telepathy and how to access your animal’s consciousness through telepathic communication. Jill has 12 years of animal care experience, both in hands-on and metaphysical settings. As an Animal Reiki Master, Jill has dedicated her life to facilitating the wellness of animals and the education of people about animal wellness; body, mind and spirit.

COMPANION ANIMAL REIKI– Based on the workings of Usui Reiki, this course consists of three levels. Each level is a more intensified healing experience for both you and your companion animal. Throughout the three levels, we study animal chakras, auras, organ functions, Reiki symbols, meditation techniques, relevant points of note from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Crystal Healing techniques and Intuitive healing. We learn to heal ourselves, our animals, other people and their animals. There is also a shelter-specific study for those who wish to volunteer their Reiki energy at shelters. We study how to observe, treat and remove localized illness. We integrate food therapy, appropriate herbal remedies and nutritional supplementation. The third level is conducted upon request in the participant’s home to gain a hands-on experience. In each of the Companion Animal Reiki course levels, students receive an animal-specific attunement (initiation into the Animal Reiki energy). For a detailed description of each course level, please request. All courses present students with a certification of completion.

USUI REIKI- Of ancient Japanese origin, Reiki is a non-invasive laying-on of the hands healing system. Medically proven to alleviate physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and enhance overall state of well-being. In addition to the medical benefits of Reiki, there are many additional benefits that come along with the path of the healer. Some of these include: accelerated self-awareness and understanding, increased psychic ability and unlimited creative potential. The course consists of three levels and the Master Course which, upon completion, students are ready to teach Reiki in its entirety. For a detailed course-by-course description, please request.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY- Since the origin of spirituality on Earth, Shamanic Journeying has been used to retrieve answers to questions that seem unavailable in the physical world. The Journeyer travels to alternate realms of consciousness to commune with powerful spirits. It is through these journeys and communions that the answers to questions become clear and are carried back into the physical world to conduct healings on Animal and/or Person.

PERSONAL INTUITIVE READINGS- As a gifted healer, J Morgan  has the ability to channel messages from Spirit to people. She brings messages of love, clarity and healing from angels and spirit guides. For those who wish to connect with animal friends who have crossed over, J Morgan is readily able to contact them and bring closure and peace to all involved.

KARMA CONTRACT READING– We are all born with karma contracts of many varieties; interpersonal relationships with unresolved issues from previous lives, family contracts, personal contracts, and many more. J Morgan will tap into your past lives, genetic karma and learned karma as well as belief systems to help you to understand your soul’s purpose in this life. She will articulate what your contracts are and how to heal them in a healthy way for you and others involved. These contacts often involve romantic partnerships that have carried over from previous lives that need to be resolved.

ONLINE/DISTANCE ED COURSES- We are excited to share that we are now offering online training in: Animal Communication Modules 1 &2, Companion Animal Reiki, Crystal healing for Animals, Personal Healings (Intuitive Healings/Readings) and many more to come! For the online Companion Animal Reiki course ONLY (not the in-person Animal Reiki), there is a pre-requisite of Usui Level 1. All of the other courses do not require any previous experience. For more information, please email:


Animal Communication – $ 80 USD/HR

Animal Reiki                       -$65 USD/HR

Animal Mediumship        -$80 USD/HR

Personal Intuitive Reading/Healing -$65 USD/HR

Karma Contract Reading – $80 USD/HR, $45/30 MINS

Companion Animal Reiki Lv1 – $170 USD (Online ONLY pre-requisite Usui Reiki 1)

Animal Communication Module 1 -$200 USD

Animal Communication Module 2 – $220 USD

Optional Post Level 2 Interactive training – $175 USD (can be completed only after level 2 and at any time afterward)

Crystal Healing for Animals Course – $75 USD

Dream Interpretation Levels 1 & 2 – $50 USD respectively



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